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Liam, Dublin, 2018

I bought a Knaus sport on fun form Donaghey’s in June 2018. This was a fairly atypical van but Damien managed to source one from Germany and get it delivered in only four weeks.

As someone new to caravanning I found the support from all the staff in Donaghey’s to be excellent, from how to set up the van, to what extra components I really needed ( Donaghey’s have an excellent on site shop with very good products at very good prices )

I had never towed a van before, so the people in Donaghey’s gave me an hours instruction on and off the road.

The Van itself is terrific, very well made, and has huge storage capacity for equipment ( it can even carry bikes in the hold )

I would highly recommend the Knaus products and Donaghey’s as a supplier


Frank and Patricia, Buncrana, August 2017

We have just bought our motorhome from Donaghey’s  Motorhomes in Letterkenny, (2015 Carado T337).  We were allowed to browse though the vans for sale entirely at our leisure with no pressure from the sales team.  When we were deciding what to buy we spoke to Gerry about what we wanted and expected.  I am disabled and among other things we needed garage space to transport my mobility scooter.

Gerry answered all our questions with integrity and gave us invaluable advice.  The entire team made the sale so pleasant and easy.  We were dealt with in the most professional way and I would go no further to buy our next vehicle.

On the day of the handover, Mark gave us the most informed and simple run-down of how to use everything in the van.  He was so patient and answered every question we had in plain, down to earth language, no technical jargon at all.  It must have taken well over an hour but at no point did we feel rushed.  We learnt so much about our purchase and everything in it.

We also met Paul and the team in the store.  They, too, were so helpful and friendly.  There was no forced selling – only sensible and practical advice.  They seem to have everything anyone could need.

We would recommend that anyone who is considering buying a motorhome go to Donagheys and experience the professionalism that they offer.  You couldn’t go wrong.

Once again, thanks to the whole team that is Donagheys.


From John and Claire, Sligo 

We had been toying with the idea of buying a motorhome to do continental touring for a number of years. We rented one abroad to see if we would take to it or not and it was so much fun we decided to.

We started our search a few months ago and viewed quite a few motorhomes before visiting Donaghey’s and meeting Gerry. The chat with him was really worthwhile. Based on what we wanted to do, he offered advice on layouts and models that might suit us best. It was a very honest conversation over a cup of tea and we felt he was not just trying to sell us a motorhome but rather to help us get the best from the experience.

Based on the chat and our own experience over the last few months, after a few days thinking about it, we opted to purchase a second hand motorhome from Donaghey’s.  Gerry was at all times friendly and professional and we could not have asked for more in trying to make our decision. There was no hard sell- just good advice and plenty to think about and no rush.

Once we had done the deal Gerry organised all the paperwork and arranged to get any extras fitted that we had agreed on. A full service, new DOE test and new timing chain were included as well as a decent warranty.

On the day of the pick-up, Chris (one of the service staff) took us through how everything operated in the motorhome. This was really thorough and took about an hour and a half. As this is our first motorhome we really appreciated this level of detail.

To top off the deal Gerry threw in a few useful extras to get us started. The stores there has a huge range of accessories and spare parts – but again no hard sell to buy items from any of the staff.

We are looking forward to getting on the road and enjoying the experience. We really want to thank Gerry and the staff in Donaghey’s for a very friendly and helpful experience. They made purchasing the motorhome enjoyable and we look forward to dealing with them again in the future.

Best wishes for the future and thanks for everything.

John and Claire, Sligo, June 2017


Bob and Pamela 1/7/2017

We have just taken delivery of our new motorhome from Donaghey Motorhomes and had to write a note of thanks to Gerry and all the team in Letterkenny for the way that the whole process was handled. We were given time, space and information to decide what van and layout would suit us. Many thanks to Mark, who had done the installation work and took us through the functionality of all the equipment in the van, before we finally exchanged keys and paperwork with Gerry we then set off confident in our new purchase. We have been back since to get a few very minor glitches sorted and all was done quickly and efficiently many thanks Jim and his staff. All in all our experience with all those we have come into contact with at Donagheys has been very positive and friendly many thanks for everything once again.


Mr & Mrs A Ramsay, Somerset

I recently purchased a new HYMER motorhome from Donaghey Motorhomes based in Letterkenny , Ireland .

Purchasing a motorhome of this quality and cost was always going to be a major consideration and I was concerned at the outset that I might have some problems progressing the sale given that I live in Somerset and Donaghey are based in Letterkenny.

I must say that the level of support and advice that I received from Gerry and the staff at Donaghey was absolutely fantastic and really helped the whole purchase proceed with no problems.

I would recommend to anyone considering purchasing a new or pre loved campervan to contact Gerry at Donaghey’s , they will certainly look after you


Rosemarie & Colm White

I would just like to thank you and all your staff for your hospitality, We were up with you to buy our new Burstner and trade our old one in, We loved the her so much that we did a deal straight away and thanks to Gerry he organised a lovely hotel for us to stay in over night and since we live in Co. Wexford he then supplied me with a car to get us home in, I was unable to collect our new motorhome for two weeks due to other commitments and held onto the car.

When we went back to collect the new motorhome the atmosphere was top class, with tea and coffee facility and a excellent accessories shop. I would recommend Donaghey Motorhomes esp. Gerry to anyone that is looking for a motorhome.

It was our first time to go up to Donagheys but it certainly wont be our last!!

Many thanks for everything once again.


Houston Magee

We called several times over a period of months to consolidate our ideas of what we wanted. The fact that all of the vans are open for leisurely inspection is a major plus point. Expertise and advice are available as you need it from Gerry or Damian. Gerry drew the short straw and dealt with us from first visit to collection. A friendly, relaxed and open salesman, we felt we were being assisted rather than pushed to buy. We had a van to trade in, but it is always difficult to know if you are getting a good deal. At the finish I had a deal that I felt comfortable with, which I think is the most important outcome since we intend to keep this motorhome for many years.

The van was well prepared and handed over by Mark in a well informed session. I expected that there might be warrenty issues as we got into our first season in this motorhome. It would be rare motorhome that was perfect !d  I have to say that the handfull of issues were all minor in nature and could not have been picked up in the pre delivery inspection.

The service team sorted all the issues without quibble and in a pleasent, efficient manner. I also ordered a couple of uncommon parts from Paul who bravely fought the supply system and due to his perserverence cornered the parts (anyone who has tried to buy parts for a car will know what I mean).

During our holiday, I managed to thump the front of the van on a rising bollard necessitating repair work authorised by the insurance company.

Paddy dealt directly with AXA (Dolmen) which made the experience very straightforward. I have just collected the van and the standard of repair is excellent. Fibreglass work and paint work is first class. The van is like new again and it would be next to impossible for anyone to spot the area of damage. The repair was turned around in a little over a week which means we did not have much down time.

To sum up, the purchase and follow up service has been most impressive.

Customer service like it should be.


David Scott

Buying a motorhome is never an easy task, particularly if the one you have just set your heart on is sitting in a Hymer showroom in Germany!

Having had our first Hymer serviced by Donaghey’s ever since they became Hymer dealers, and regularly meeting the Donaghey team at various trade shows both in Ireland and the UK, it was an easy decision to speak to Gerry to see if we could buy the motorhome through Donaghey.  Without hesitation, Gerry got the wheels in motion, confirming that the vehicle was available and giving us costings for the purchase through them, including trade in of our existing van. We were therefore very pleased to place the order with Gerry, knowing Donaghey would make all the import arrangements for us.

When the motorhome duly arrived in Letterkenny, we viewed it with Gerry together with a list of potential extras. Gerry suggested a number of alterations to the list, whilst querying if we really needed others. Michael also gave an excellent proposal regarding colour co-ordination ensuring the van would look it best. When the final list was agreed, following which we got a delivery date with due consideration to getting the vehicle registered and taxed.

When the handover date arrived, Mark, who had done the installation work, took us through the functionality of all the equipment in the van, before we finally exchanged keys and paperwork with Gerry.

It really has been a pleasure to finally purchase from Donagheys, having experienced their friendliness and professionalism in all parts of their business over the years.


Anthony & Eileen Pickering, Castlebar

Just a few words to say how happy we were to have purchased a motorhome from Donagheys. Their presentation was second to none. We were treated very kindly by all the staff. Damian was our contact and was extremely helpful. A super range of motorhomes in stock to choose from. We found the motorhome which was perfect for us, when we collected it, it was handed over in the nearest thing to new condition and a very thorough explanation as to how everything works, fully serviced polished and cleaned, an excellent service hard to be matched anywhere, Once again thanks to everyone at Donagheys and hope to return in the future.


Bob and Liz Paden

Over the past few years we have called from time to time to view the Motorhomes in stock, we were always made very welcome by Sales Executive Gerry, despite not making a purchase he always thanked us when we were leaving.
In June of this year we saw on your website a particular Motorhome which was in stock and called to have a look at it, Gerry was on hand to welcome us back and took us to view it, we were pleased with the layout, we asked Gerry if we could have a few days thinking time, he assured us he would keep it for us.

Two days later we arrived back and again Gerry welcomed us, he said I know you are interested in the Motorhome you viewed, however I have Hymer which arrived yesterday and it may be more suitable for your requirements, he took us to view the vehicle and within a short time we decided to purchase it. Soon paperwork was sorted, decent trade in price for our van and we were off looking forward to taking delivery of our Hymer on July2nd.

We returned to pick up our new Motorhome, Gerry sorted out our paperwork and handed us the information on the vehicle in a beautiful presentation bag.
Mark who is a Service Engineer came to do the official handover, he went through all the equipment meticulously, did not rush us and made sure we were happy with all the equipment on board.

Over the years we have heard kind comments from many Motorhome owners about your excellent staff and back up service provided, we have experienced that professionalism and courtesy at first hand and are delighted to be part of The Donaghey Motorhome Family. Wishing you and your staff continued success in the future. Yours sincerely


Josie & Brendan, Sligo 

Hi all. Just a note to say thank you, again, for the hospitality and great customer service we received from all of your team during our visit last week. Although it is a long haul from the \”Kingdom\” to Letterkenny, it is always worthwhile. Thank you all.


Bob Birchley, Kerry

It gives us great pleasure to write this testimonial.  We cannot thank firstly Jerry for all his help, care and kindness when we decided to trade in our motorhome.  Nothing was too much trouble from start to finish.  We returned to a caravan after trying a motorhome for eighteen months.  Jerry arranged for the Swift caravan to be delivered to Letterkenny for us to collect and we are absolutely thrilled with it.
We would also like to thank Paddy for all his help with another matter, making it a much easier process.
We hope this testimonial will encourage other people to purchase their motorhome or caravan from Donaghey’s with confidence.


Lesley & Jim Smith Co Longford

Folks we have just had our first experience with Donaghey Motorhomes and been very impressed with it.
Our 1 year old Hymer B544 was due the checks necessary to comply with the warranty conditions,so we arranged
to have the work done by Donagheys.
On arrival at 8.15 am we got a friendly welcome from Marie who went through the work to be carried out with us.
As the day went on we were kept informed on progress until the items to be dealt with were completed,all in a friendly,professional manner.
Everyone we came in contact with was very friendly and helpful.
On completion of the tasks the Hymer was presented to us spotlessly clean and we drove home having enjoyed the whole experience,so much so,
I have written this little ditty as a token of appreciation for The Donaghey Experience.
There,s a Motorhome Supplier based in Drumnahoe
Owned by Michael Donaghey I’ll have you all to know
A range of vans extensive and accessories galore
And spare parts without number there you can explore
The Service is outstanding their Skill Base is supreme
I wont name individuals they work there as a Team
I cant forget the Office Staff nor the men in Sales
For without their contributions this Operation fails
So Motorhome enthusiasts I commend to one and all
This Dealership Par Excellence in County Donegal


Anne & Sam Mc Shane      

 I would like to just put on record, my deep appreciation and thanks to Damian and all the staff at Donaghey Motorhomes, Letterkenny for their help and assistance throughout the purchase of my new Hymer Motorhome in July of this year.
The process was a long one for me – as it was my first motorhome and I wanted it to be just perfect!

I had been to practically most of the motorhome sites in Ireland to check out the different makes, models, layouts etc, but it all boiled down to a Hymer and whether it would be new or previously owned.
Damian was the perfect representative, and we discussed all the various options, never being pressured in any way – but always given all the relevant information to assist with the process.

In the end, I took the plunge with a new one and combined with a competitive price, plus loads of support and ideas, clinched the deal and I finally arrived to collect my new van on the 2nd July.
The handover was made all the easier due to Ciaran’s attention to detail – and sense of  humour!
The shop staff were equally helpful throughout and so I was able to leave the yard totally thrilled with my my new Hymer and I am also thrilled with the back up and support service that exists at Donaghey’s as part of the package.
Thanks Damian, Gerry, Ciaran and all the staff at Donaghey Motorhomes.


George Coyle 

This is a testimonial for incredible service from Donaghey Moters.
Let me start by saying that we bought our van (globecar trendscout) sight unseen!
This is kind of a scary feat when your 12,000 miles away and all you have are pictures to go by. We knew when we spoke to our salesperson Gerry, that we were in safe hands. Not only did he help us feel confident in our purchase but went over and above the call of duty! We were having trouble with insurance and Gerry found someone to help us. One could say it was in his benefit to do this, but we truly felt we had someone who honestly wanted to help us. When we arrived the camper was exactly what we expected, with no surprises! The service did not stop there ,but the whole Donaghey team were amazing. Mark, helped us with the ‘show and tell’ on how to use the darn thing, he was patient and didn’t make us feel like dummies. He answered all of our questions and had all the time in the world for us. He wanted to make sure we were happy!
The nice gentleman in the store, (sorry I forgot your name ) again over and beyond the call of duty! They have a supply store which was awesome and priced reasonably!
Now here is the amazing part, it has been a month, our camper was used, and we called with a few minor problems. There owner wrote back himself and said don’t worry even if the warranty time ran out he would take care of our problem. I would just like to say that it is so refreshing , and gives me great hope in small businesses ran like Donagheys. They deliver and go over and beyond, if fact they exceed ones expectations! If anyone needs to contact us directly about our experience ,our email is
Oh yeah I almost forgot, Gerry our salesperson was going camping the next day and he said to meet up with him, He wanted us to hang around a few days so that we could do a shake down on the camper . We had a great time with he and his family.
If only the rest of the world could operate with such kindness and honesty!
Thank you Donagheys


Jane and Victor Harding 

We have just taken delivery of our new motorhome from Donaghey Motorhomes and had to write a note of thanks to Damian and all the team in Letterkenny for the way that the whole process was handled. Having originally called in to look at used stock and taken Damian in and out of almost every van on site over a number of visits I can testify to the patience and unpressurised sales approach of everyone there. We were given the time, space and information for us to decide what would be the best van and layout for our purposes and plans. Match that with a competitive price and the assurance of continued back-up in the future and we decided to take the plunge and go for new. Thanks to Damian and the hand over from Ciaran we set off confident in our new purchase. Have been back since to get a few very minor glitches sorted and to ask a few questions that I had forgot to ask Ciaran. All was done quickly and efficiently. Also very impressed with the accessory shop and the guys there. All in all our experience with all those we came into contact with at Donagheys has been very positive and friendly. Thanks Damian.


Declan Morrison 

lvinar dapibus leo.Just a note to say Thank You for all your help, advice and encouragement in the recent purchase of my Motorhome. The service provided by Gerry, Ciaran and the rest of the staff was exemplary. The attention given to myself and my children was second to none for which I am extremely grateful. The Motorhome I purchased, as you are aware, was my first and from the very start there was no pressure to buy any particular make, model, layout etc., this made my purchase from yourself so much easier. There was a number of small items which I needed rectified and these were sorted with great efficiency.
Many many thanks.


Dave, Simon, Sarah & Craig Kavanagh 

Sharon and myself would like to thank you and all the staff at Donagheys. We purchased our new Dethleffs motorhome in November 2013, and have had a problem free experience. The staff in the workshop and shop can only be described as fantastic ! Nothing is too much trouble. As your aware we have had a few bad experiences in the past with other dealers in the motorhome trade , so we were a little cautious this time around. It transpired that we worried unnecessarily as the transaction with Donagheys has been flawless with everything being completed in a warm and friendly manner. Everything from the specification of the van with Gerry and the handover from Ciaran was handled professionally and exactly as described !!! I had to return our motorhome to have a few extras fitted and a minor issue resolved and once again the staff could not do enough to ensure we were happy. Excellent service , excellent staff , excellent experience …
Thank You.


Lyle & Sharon Watson   

We recently bought a motorhome from Donaghey Motorhomes and collected it on December 11th 2013. We found all the staff that we came into contact very helpful and easy to deal with. The service was first class. As we live in the Ards Penninsula we decided to get the train up and we were met by one of the team called Sean,and taken to Letterkenny this meant we were able to travel home together.  Special thanks to Gerry whom we dealt with, to Kieran who gave us a first class Demo and not forgetting Damien whom we met first on a visit last May. We are delighted with the motorhome we don’t think it has sunk in that we are now the proud owners of one. We certainly will be back and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and every good wish for 2014. We look forward to seeing you at the Caravan and Motorhome Show. Very many thanks guys.
With Best Wishes from,


Ian and Liz McKenna 

Mr Donaghey,

I write on behalf of Lisa and myself to record our grateful appreciation and thanks for the extremely professional and courteous way that we were treated, not only by yourself but also Damien,Trevor and Peter, from first contact until we took delivery of our motor home. We found the whole experience stress free and relaxing due in no small to way to the very pleasant and kind manner of all concerned. We look forward to meeting you all again when servicing of the motor home becomes due. Many thanks,


Stanley Love

A belated thank you to Paddy and his team at Donagheys for going that
extra mile in sorting out the problems with  the fridge in  our 2002 Hymer 544.  We had  bought the camper from Donagheys four years ago, and from the start, there seems to have been a jinx on the fridge. We appreciate your efforts over the years in trying to get to the root of the problem, and your final decision to give us a replacement  fridge which, happily, has been working well since we took possession of it last June.
We were so impressed by the standard of  care, courtesy and good humour which we experienced each time we  visited  Donagheys –  the 400-mile round trip to get there was a small price to pay!   We are happy to recommend your firm to our fellow campers for the excellence of your after-sales service.
Gura fada buan sibh,


Daire and Mary O Lionain 

Having bought a few Hymer’s from across the water in England it was great when Donaghey took on the Hymer dealership.It meant no more boat trips across to England to get  water ingress checks and any repairs done under warranty.Since then I have had the pleasure of dealing with Donaghey for further Hymer’s,I cannot praise them enough for the professional manner they go about their business.Nothing is to much bother for them and the service after sales is in my opinion is excellent (hard to get these days). Michael you have a great team working for you. At this stage I might add I have no connection with Donaghey whatsoever.Just from experience.I think they are a winner.


John Gillespie  

We deal with various companies in our day to day work and you can be assured that Donaghey Motorhomes is up there with the best of them.What a service you provide up there!

Just a note to say a very big thank you for sorting out the skylight problem for us so quickly last Friday, and for putting us up in the Gleneany Guest House.

From the time the girls take the call, to the salesmen to the service engineers, the impression is given that all business is being handled with confidence and efficiency.
It certainly appeared to us last week that the customer is just as important on the day he comes back with a problem as he was on the day he was buying his Motorhome.

Thank you and a very big ‘well done’ to you all.
Keep up the excellent work!

Sean and Deirdre Fegan

Hi, I would like to thank all the staff for the repairs ie the fridge and the power charging job, well done and wish you all incl Paul (a good kid to have around a camper any day) a happy easter, best wishes see you all at the gig, remember when you deal with Donagheys you deal with the best.


Tom Kelly over and out….

After fifty years of camping and caravaning, We finally decided to go for a motorhome. We spent two years window shopping around the Midlands and South and we then took a trip North, after two hours the wheels were in motion and Donaghey’s of Letterkenny was our last stop. Gerry in sales could not have been more helpful,”They’re all open take your time, any questions come and see me. All our queries were discussed over a cup of coffee. We went home, talked about it and went up again the next weekend and sealed the deal. Two weeks later after a lovely night in the Clanree Hotel, across the road, we went over and collected our motorhome, fully serviced, DOE’d and re-upholstered, all ready to go. Gerry and the lads in the yard and shop were a great help. The answers to all our queries were and still are only a phone call away. Now we’re motoring. Thanks again to all involved.


Annette & Michael Laois

Just a quick thank you to all at Donaghey’s.

We have just purchased our first ever Motorhome, through yourselves. A big thanks goes to Gerry for pointing us in the right direction and helping us choose our Carado A366. Also thanks to Kieran who did a full handover and showed us how everything works. Also sadly we didn’t get names but to the staff in the parts department who helped us load our trolley up with various bits and pieces that we needed and then carried them out and loaded them into the van, also their advice on what bits and pieces were best value was invaluable. Our first night in the van was through Storm Doris, and we survived with no leaks or draughts. Therefore she is now named “Doris”. Finally as we left our hook up lead behind ( you can tell we are newbies ) thanks again to Gerry who despatched it back to us quickly. Thoroughly recommend you with no hesitations.